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About us

As a child of two Prussian capitals,
born and grown up as well in
Brandenburg’s Potsdam as in West-Berlin,
I early committed myself to horses and dogs.
Great Danes alsways extremely impressed me. The beauty and the patriarchal origin of this esthetical breed totally met my idea of a dog.

Therefore I bought my first stud Jones vom Hause Wagner in the year 2003.
He and his offspring were and are successful at shows and in breeding, that is why I had to find a dog following his footsteps.

I looked for a dog out of my favourite blue Great Dane bloodlines, for that reason the already 12 months old ENDURO vom Hause Wagner moved into my home on November 21th 2007.
Enduro was a sudden youngster given away by his former owners and at that time he was not a goodlooking and very promising male at all:
He was injured, skinny and traumatized.
With much food, patience and love I finally made the former "ugly duckling" become a pretty self-confident and handsome dog.

Enduro started his show career surprisingly succesful. He became FCI European Winner 2008 and got very successful at other different shows as well, which made him become a Mulichampion very quickly.
His faithful and gentle character are still stitching. He is an extremely sensitive, patient and lovely representative of his breed.

Enduro doubtlessly should set the foundation stone of my kennel, the kennel name got determined: "ENDURIAL"! (Enduro; endurance)

For several years I am involved in breeding actively, support famous breeders in their litters and upbringing and keep immersing myself in my knowledge of the Great Dane.
My functions within the KyDD e.V. as a member of the expanded management, disciplinary committee, as well as show-coordinator, handler, and stud owner make a contribution to the fact that I constantly get deepest insights into breeding and club matters.

I am conntected with many breeders by friendships and thus I can gain valuable breeding information and contribute to the breed myself.


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